Jesus is the Word made flesh. He invites you to his Table of grace.

Your Generosity Will Help.

Many people have honest intellectual objections or experiential pain that cause them to question, doubt, or reject Christian faith. Walking with people across the thresholds of curiosity, openness, seeking, and belief is not a race. It's thoughtful and prayerful work.

We see developing a committed core group, creating a positive presence in the Pantops community, and raising our project budget as the necessary indicators to a healthy church. We are well on our way to that goal since doing our “soft launch” in September 2018, and we trust God to provide as we move forward with corporate public worship.

Help us establish a firm financial foundation by giving generously.

You can give online at the Mission to North America website

You can also mail your donation: Mission to North America, PO Box 890233, Charlotte, NC 28289-0233. Please make checks payable to Mission to North America and add Tag Tuck - Pantops, VA Church Planter on the memo line.

You can also text to give at 84321.



One day Tag was sitting in a coffee shop at Pantops talking with two women who had met to discuss a bad day at work. They were glad to meet a pastor and have him listen in and add to their conversation. Even though he gave them business cards with a map to an existing church in the area, it was too far for either of them to attend. The average American will drive 13 minutes to be involved in a church. Yet here they were in Pantops!

If the 120 churches in Albemarle County all found 300 new Christians this year, there would still be 36,000 who identified as having no religious affiliation. We're part of the Presbyterian Church in America, a historic denomination that takes seriously the questions of skeptics and the answers provided by the Bible in the context of ancient Christian faith.