God wrote a book? Is it any good?


We're revealing the name of the Pantops Church Plant this week.

The big reveal happens this Thursday (August 3)!

Until then think about this aspect of the vision of the church that went into the name.


Scripture is our only rule of faith and practice.

What does that mean?

Simply,  the root of all our being and doing as Christians is the Bible.


This doesn't mean cold adherence to an ancient and esoteric rule book. It means that if we want to know God, he would have to reveal himself to us. Doesn't that make sense?

In other words, if God wants to go on a date with you, by virtue of his status as God, He needs to walk across the room to come and ask you out.

If there is a higher power out there - something that is beyond human intelligence and wisdom - and that power has a desire for connection with humans, then that power has to move first in the dance of divine to human relationship.


How has God revealed Himself to you?

In ancient times, it seems He spoke directly to prophets, priests, and kings. Most recently he spoke to humanity through His Son - Jesus Christ. The words and actions of God in history were carefully preserved and inscripturated in the canon of Christian Scripture - the Bible.


Maybe you genuinely wonder what God wants you to do.

Whom should I marry?

What should I study?

Where should I work?

How much money is enough?

You meditate and pray seeking answers, but when the answer comes you aren't sure if it came from God, or if it's just your own emotions, or indigestion from the French fries you ate last night.


What if God really has taken the trouble to reveal Himself in the Bible?

He used a process of creating Scripture, across time, in different styles of writing. He used unique authors who were carried along by His Spirit, but he did not violate their personality in writing. If He went to all that trouble, then would God want you to do something that is out of accord with that full-orbed story of His actions?


Highly unlikely.


The best way to get to know God is to thoughtfully and carefully engage with Him as He is revealed to us in the Bible.


There are lots of holy books in the world. Many religions have scripture. However, no religion treats their scriptures the way orthodox Christianity treats the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.


Of course, there have been lots of people throughout time who have misused the Bible. But misuse does not negate proper use.

Matches start forest fires.

Kitchen knives leave scars on kids' fingers.

Yet we still use them both. We work to use them properly and teach others to do the same.


There's much more that could be said about the use and misuse of the Bible, but this fact remains...

If you want to know God, He has to reveal Himself to you first. How has He done this?


Why don't you pick up the Bible and read it for yourself?