Kids melting down? Share a Peace & Pit.

Maybe you’re trying to enjoy a family dinner at the end of a long day. You’re curious about what happened at school today, or something wonderful or terrible happened to you at work, or your whole day flashed by in a blink. You want to be a good parent and make meaningful conversation, but the kids are melting down (and you’re about to).


Share a Peach and a Pit.


Go around your table and have each person share the sweetest, best, funnest (yes, that’s a real word just for this meal) thing that happened today. Don’t think about it too long – just whatever comes to mind. Then have everyone share the part of their day that was the worst, maybe something hard or unexpected, like when you bite too far into a peach and crunch against the pit.


What does this little exercise accomplish?

It gives everyone an equal chance to talk. Sometimes we just want everyone’s undivided attention, even for a few minutes.

It gives everyone an opportunity to listen. We all need to practice this skill – adults and children alike.

It gives everyone a moment to reflect. With our busy lives and fast-paced screens, we have to be intentional about valuing time to consider and express instead of always acting and reacting.

It gathers us around shared experiences. We all celebrate the A on the spelling test, and we cheer the prime parking spot on a busy shopping trip. We all wince when the boss blamed you for someone else’s mistake, and we feel the butterflies in our stomach during your oral presentation. For a brief time, big people and little people together, we share a moment or two of our day and connect over the mundane and the profound.

And that makes life sweeter.


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Gina Tuck